Princess Dolls Transforming Mini Cupcake Surprise, Set of 6

Princess Dolls Transforming Mini Cupcake Surprise, Set of 6

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Surprise your little adventurer with these Cupcake Scented Princess Dolls. Crafted of kid-friendly materials, they feature bright, engaging colors that kids will love. These Cupcake Surprise dolls look just like beautifully decorated cupcakes until you transform them into pretty princesses adorable doll when opened. Each cupcake surprise princess doll comes with her own unique outfit and scent. Meet all of the princess series making them all that more delightful to kiddos. They are the pretty decorative figurines for you and they are also the perfect gift for your family and friends. Suitable for many occasions, it can be used in birthday parties, game-themed parties, graduation parties, girl parties, Christmas parties, Halloween, weddings, carnival parties

Applicable gender: Unisex, Kids

Applicable Age Range: 4 years and up
6 different colorful beautifully cupcakes princess dolls

Delicious smelling cupcake scent  princess dolls
Transforms from a cupcake-shaped into a beautiful princess doll 
Reversible cake transform to mini princess doll